Content Auctions

Bonnie Gean, Community Specialist & Ghostwriter As an online marketer, I know what it’s like to need top quality content. That’s why I’m offering “content auctions” to help provide marketing materials that would otherwise cost you dearly to get from a graphics designer or ghostwriter.

My name is Bonnie Gean, and I’ve been working on the net since 1994 using an accumulated 20+ experience working from home as a means to support my family and help budding entrepreneurs become community celebrities.

In the early years, I designed websites, ran an article directory, and provided ghostwritten content to authors. Since I’m no longer providing any of these services, I wanted to find a new way to continue offering top-notch content to online marketers.

Content auctions will fit perfectly with my schedule and desire to continue serving your content needs. Hence, you now have the ability to bid for the content I offer and walk away as the sole owner if you’re the highest bidder.

  • This is NOT PLR content. The winner of the auction receives sole ownership of the content to do with as they please.

What Type of Content Can You Expect?

You’ll find a variety of content extending from articles, Facebook Timeline covers, social media quotes, and infographics. Additionally, you may find video tutorials, reports, and/or PowerPoint presentations and templates.

if there is something you need, but anything I create will still go on the auction, giving other individuals an opportunity to bid on it too.

  • Keep a watchful eye on the bidding if you truly want to own the content. There is no guarantee that you’ll win the goods other than making certain you’re the last bidder when the auction ends.

How the Content Auction Works

The “Content Auctions box is listed to the right of this page, in the sidebar. Auctions start with a minimum bid and last for 24 hours. As a bidder, you can enter the minimum bid to start the auction.

It’s important to note that the auctions run on proxy bids. This means a person has the ability to set a maximum bid amount and the system will bid automatically for them while they are away.

If you want to outbid a person who is using proxy bidding, you would need to go $5 higher than their maximum bid amount. Meaning, if their proxy bid is set at $75, you could outbid them on your next bid of $80.

  • Proxy bids only work against another bidder. They do not allow a person to bid against their own previous bid amount.
  • If you’re the winner once the auction ends, you’ll receive an email containing instructions on how to make your payment via PayPal; then I’ll deliver the goods and wipe them from my hard drive.

Where to Send Requests

While sending a request doesn’t necessarily guarantee that I’ll design a project, I do welcome your suggestions. Feel free to to my contact form and I’ll take a serious look at it for a future auction.

Have fun and good luck with your bidding!

Kind regards,
– Bonnie Gean

P.S. This is a new concept for me so be patient while I work this new delivery system into my existing schedule.